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Ananda Koro is a gemstone jewelry designer and avid enthusiast of metaphysics philosophy. Koro has studied Vedic gemology, Taoism, feng shui, qigong, Renaissance necromancy, tarot, astrology, and other arts for over 16 years. She now brings together her knowledge and spiritual beliefs with her love of fashion to design a statement jewelry collection artfully tailored for today's modish and urbane woman. Shop for hand-crafted Ananda Koro gemstone jewelry at Ety: http://www.etsy.com/shop/anandakoro

About Ananda Koro

Ananda Koro jewelry pieces are designed with semiprecious gemstones and crystals sourced from Germany, Eastern Europe, Africa, and parts of the United States, or as otherwise designated. The combinations of stones are specifically designed to harness particular energies or chakras and channel the metaphysical and spiritual properties that both Eastern and Western folklore have long held for such stones. The precise selection of stones in Ananda Koro pieces fuse Taoism, Vedic gemology, Native American and South American shamanism, Persian alchemy, Ayurveda, and other forms of complementary medicine from around the world. Ananda Koro jewelry pieces are created to serve as talismans for strength, power, and protection to the modern day woman.

Even if one does not accept these folk beliefs entirely, Ananda Koro jewelry is always high fashion, and perfect complements to a little black dress, a business suit, or a plain shirt and jeans. Beyond and notwithstanding the meanings and spiritual purposes infused into each piece, Ananda Koro jewelry pieces are cosmopolitan-chic and stunning, perfect designer quality accessories that will adorn its wearer with confidence and elegance.