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Saturday, May 14, 2011

DUCHESS FORTUNA: Aventurine and Amber Statement Necklace

Duchess Fortuna is the amulet for a woman seeking wealth and prosperity. Encourage money flow with genuine aventurine gemstones, a stone known to attract abundance and fortune. The aventurine is the stone of opportunity, and is a lucky stone. Holding aventurine stones in both hands while envisioning fortune is said to bring Duchess Fortuna's treasures straight to you.

There are a total of 13 oval puff aventurine gemstones in this multi-strand 5-tiered statement necklace. In Greek mythology, Zeus was considered the 13th and most powerful god, infusing the number with omnipotence. To turn the wearer's bad luck into good luck, the number 13, which traditionally in contemporary Western societies is considered bad luck, is transformed with the powers of the aventurine gemstone, and thus the purpose of Duchess Fortuna is to turn your bad luck into good.

In one strand, there are 8 aventurine gemstones, calling on Eastern beliefs that the number 8 symbolizes wealth and prosperity. All things that come in 8 is considered to be extremely lucky. In another strand, there are 5 aventurine gemstones, calling on mystic beliefs that the number 5 is good for business. Thus, the 5 and 8 grouping of aventurine is designed to bring its wearer great luck and prosperity in business endeavors, making the Duchess Fortuna necklace a great gift for a budding entrepreneur!

Amber, which is not a stone but rather a fossil, adorn and accent the aventurine and synthetic pearls in this piece. Amber is a strong healing stone that wards off negative energies, and thus the power of amber will help avert bad luck from its wearer. It is paired with the aventurine to provide a clear channel for all the good luck and fortunes to come your way. Duchess Fortuna contains both natural and synthetic amber stones: the square, glossy, and translucent amber stones are natural, and the matte round amber stones are synthetic.

The necklace is accented with synthetic pearls and antique style glass beads. The beads are strung in pods and/or multiples of 8 or 9. The number 8 is to reinforce the attraction of wealth and prosperity, and the number 9, which is also lucky per Chinese traditions, represents eternity. The 9 and multiples of 9 here ensure that fortune and good luck will come your way for a long, long time.

Duchess Fortuna is a talisman designed to help its wearer ward off bad luck and attract the good. The green and warm gold hues encourage money and fortune. The multiple strands of beads symbolizes abundance. Duchess Fortuna hopes to bring fortune to its wearer in great abundance!
Shop at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74087771/duchess-fortuna-aventurine-and-amber

For a more petite version of this design, see Lady Fortuna: Aventurine and Moss Agate Statement Necklace.

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