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Ananda Koro is a gemstone jewelry designer and avid enthusiast of metaphysics philosophy. Koro has studied Vedic gemology, Taoism, feng shui, qigong, Renaissance necromancy, tarot, astrology, and other arts for over 16 years. She now brings together her knowledge and spiritual beliefs with her love of fashion to design a statement jewelry collection artfully tailored for today's modish and urbane woman. Shop for hand-crafted Ananda Koro gemstone jewelry at Ety: http://www.etsy.com/shop/anandakoro

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fashion and Gemology: Introducing Ananda Koro Designer Gemstone Jewelry

Vedic gemology sits at the intersection of geoscience and metaphysics philosophy. It brings together both gemology science and ayurvedic spirituality to both identify and harness the energies of natural and man-made gemstones.

Ananda Koro designer gemstone jewelry combines artful design with stones specifically selected to harness the energies or chakras that will be most helpful for a modern day woman. Combinations of cat's eye stones with aventurine serve as great amulets for attracting wealth, abudance, new opportunities, and business, making such pieces perfect for an entrepreneurial woman or anyone who is looking for more money and luck. Snowflake obsidian, unakite, and serpentine jade sets are great for protection, to avert evil, and induce tranquility. Statement necklaces made with agate or bloodstone bring strength, and a great complement for the woman who battles all day in the corporate world, perfect for a female attorney or top business executive. For artists, musicians, and the creative-minded, consider the Ananda Koro piece with sodalite for creativity or black onyx, to aid in new ventures and transformations. If a woman is looking for romance, rose quartz may help in her search.

True, catalystic energy comes from within, of course. Gemstones only serve as quiet complements to the powers a woman has inside. But whether one believes in Vedic gemology or not, Ananda Koro puts fashion and style first, and every piece is made first and foremost for bringing confidence.

The Spring 2011 collection has been sold out completely. Check back soon for Ananda Koro's Summer 2011 collection! Visit us at Etsy, http://www.etsy.com/shop/anandakoro.

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