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Thursday, May 12, 2011

ARTISTA INFINITA: Infinite Loop Gemstone Necklace

This one-of-a-kind infinite loop necklace is a synthesis of natural hematite, black onyx, red goldstone, blue goldstone, and dazzling Austrian crystals. The color palette on this design is black, dark charcoal gray (the hematite), red, gold, and topaz. The colors suggest fortune, fortuity, and great strength. Beads are strung in specific number sets to harness the powers and energies of the numbers 11, 22, and 30, which are suitable for intensifying creative and life energies, and brings its wearer harmony and mastery in all pursuits.

The Artista Infinita features 30 stones of natural black onyx. Black onyx is said to possess protective energies that ward off negativity. It is a separating stone that extracts negative energies from you and releases it. This stone enhances self-control and self mastery; it is a grounding stone. Wear it as a talisman for independence, fearlessness, and for protection and strength in new ventures. The number 30 influences altruism and is the number for humanity. 30 represents great wisdom and great creativity, a perfect number to be channeled for artists, musicians, and writers. The number 30 combined with black onyx will be very lucky for anyone in the creative professions.

Hematite is not a gemstone as many believe, but an iron oxide mineral containing high iron content. The natural and chemical properties of hematite make it a strong grounding and protection stone. Hematite was traditionally known as a bloodstone, and used as an amulet to protect the circulatory system and regulate blood flow. Native American folklore held that hematite made one invincible in battle. This parallels Vedic astrological associations of hematite with the planet Mars, which channels courage, strength, and powerful energies.

There are 132 beads of hematite, appearing in pods of 11, or as accents in pods of 3. The number 11 channels energies for intuition and illumination. In some cultures, 11 represents infinity. Numerologists believe the number 11:11 appears more frequently in the universe than any other number, and refer to this phenomenon as synchronicity. Synchronicity indicates the presence of spiritual and mystical forces, heightening intuition and illumination.

(Additionally, 132 is 11 x 12, with the hematite beads appearing only in pods of 11 or 3, and the power of the numbers augmented by the 2 hematite hearts, with the number patterns here reduced down to 1, 2, and 3.)

2 hematite heart pendants anchor either side of this infinite looped necklace. The numbers 2 and 11 are parallel and related, as they are equally charged, and both channel energies for intuition and illumination. “Two of hearts” is also for Love, and the two hematite hearts are used here to ground, strengthen, and stabilize the powers of love. The two hearts keeps relationships together. Infuse these 2 hearts with the meaning of any relationship personal to you: two lovers, mother and daughter, best friends, or 2 kindred spirits. Thus, the Artista Infinita necklace makes a perfect gift for the one who is of similar heart as yours.

The two hematite hearts also aids its wearer in maintaining all relationships, whether it be the relationships between lovers, friends, or colleagues. The two hearts represent a resonance with humanity.

10 stunning, diamond-shape pieces of blue goldstone are interspersed throughout. Goldstone was first made during the European Renaissance, and is neither gold nor stone. It is made from tiny flecks of copper suspended in colored glass, a process originating from Italian monks who had been practicing alchemy. Blue goldstone is a stone for science and wisdom, and a powerful energy generator. Goldstone stimulates vitality. The number 10 is significant here because it represents unification, harmony between dualities, harmony between yins and yangs, and balance. 1 is said to symbolize man and 0 woman, so 10 together is the union of man and woman. 10 is also the Pythagorean symbol of the universe and thus it represents the whole body of human knowledge. The number 10 represents ordinal perfection. 10 is totality.

Red goldstone renews strength, revitalizes both mind and body, and like blue goldstone, is a positive energy generator. The color red is a stimulant, and as it is the color of blood, combined with goldstone, intensifies the power of the stone’s energies. The color red also stimulates passion, fortune, and great prosperity. Red is about life, and red goldstone helps channel the energies for living a fruitful, fortuitous life.

Artista Infinita also features 6 large topaz tinted Austrian crystals. These crystals are sourced from Germany and its gold hues perfectly compliment the red goldstones.

The number 6 is associated with Venus, goddess of Love, and also represents harmony, total love, and the spiral form of the number is linked to the concept of infinity, which the Artista Infinita necklace is designed in--in an infinite loop. In Renaissance times, 6 was believed to be a perfect number. There are also associations between the number 6 and the passion of the Christ.

The gemstone design is finished with black glass fashion beads, set in pods of 11 or 22 to reinforce the powers and energies of 132 hematite beads. In numerology, the number 11 channels perfection and 22 mastery of arts and success in all endeavors. 22 is the number for ambition. The number 22 is related to the number 4, with similar charges and characteristics. There are a total of 440 beads in this infinite loop necklace, with the number 440 relating back to the number 11, as 11 x 40.

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