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Saturday, May 21, 2011

ARTEMELLE: Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite, Onyx ad Crystals Necklace

Artemelle is a stunning cluster of genuine snowflake obsidian, black onyx, hematite, moonstone, and Austrian crystals, accented with synthetic pearls and black fashion beads. This statement necklace measures 20 inches in length, comprising of three braided strands of hand-beaded gemstones and fashion beads, and closes with a silver-tone round toggle clasp.

Artemelle features 6 incredible rondelle stones of snowflake obsidian. Snowflake obsidian, which comes from volcanic rock, is considered a protection stone, and resonates with the fire element. This gives the stones and the wearer energy, strength, and the vigor of fire. The Apache and Aztecs placed great importance on obsidian, and snowflake obsidian was often carried by shamans as a protection stone to ward off evil spirits. In Renaissance times, 6 was believed to be a perfect number. There are also associations between the number 6 and the passion of the Christ.

Snowflake obsidian is also used for worry stones. Worry stones are smoothly polished gemstones that was believed to fade away worries when held between the thumb and index finger. Here, there are 6 gorgeous worry stones to serve their wearer.

Beaded throughout this statement piece are moonstones, a generous amount of hematite, larger stones of black onyx, and Austrian crystals for dazzle. Black onyx is said to possess protective energies that ward off negativity. This augments the powers and metaphysical properties of the snowflake obsidian. Black onyx is a separating stone that extracts negative energies from you and releases it. This stone enhances self-control and self mastery; it is a grounding stone. Wear it as a talisman for independence, fearlessness, and for protection and strength in new ventures.

Hematite and moonstone are secondary gemstone features in this piece. Hematite is not a gemstone as many believe, but an iron oxide mineral containing high iron content. The natural and chemical properties of hematite make it a strong grounding and protection stone. Hematite was traditionally known as a bloodstone, and used as an amulet to protect the circulatory system and regulate blood flow. Native American folklore held that hematite made one invincible in battle. This parallels Vedic astrological associations of hematite with the planet Mars, which channels courage, strength, and powerful energies.

Moonstone is thought to carry with it lunar energies that help ease stress and anxiety. White moonstone specifically helps with spiritual growth. While the black onyx and hematite stones facilitate emotional and physical strength, moonstone is for spiritual strength. Moonstone is also considered a traveler's stone, because it protects its wearer through travels and new ventures, complementing the black onyx properties.

The hematite stones, black fashion beads, moonstone, and synthetic peaerls are strung in sets of 11. Also, there are a total of 11 Austrian crystals. The number 11 channels energies for intuition and illumination. In some cultures, 11 represents infinity. Numerologists believe the number 11:11 appears more frequently in the universe than any other number, and refer to this phenomenon as synchronicity. Synchronicity indicates the presence of spiritual and mystical forces, heightening intuition and illumination. Heightened intuition will help the wearer ward off negativity, and will work in cooperation with the protection properties of the snowflake obsidian and black onyx.

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