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Sunday, May 15, 2011

BLUE BELLA MUSE: Bluetoned Gemstone and Crystal Statement Necklace

Blue Bella Muse is a 4-tiered statement necklace comprising of natural sodalite gemstones to harness creative energies and adorned with light sapphire Austrian crystals. This blue-toned statement piece is for the artist, musician, writer, for anyone who needs to call on the muses for expression. The Blue Bella Muse is all about enhancing creativity and creation.

A total of 5 oval puff natural sodalite gemstones are the centerpiece of this necklace. Sodalite is a blue-grey marbleized stone with veins of white calcite. Ancients believed that the sodalite stone brought inspiration and creativity to artists, singers, and painters, while providing them protection. Sodalite brings order, calmness, and encourages rational thought, truth-seeking, and enhances intuition. Sodalite is believed by Vedic gemologists to help balance metabolism and boost the immune system. It especially aids those with calcium deficiencies. There are 5 stones of sodalite to draw on the significance of the number 5, which represents balance and harmony. The Blue Bella Muse is about balancing and harmonizing all creative energies within the wearer to help her find her muse and create her masterpiece.

The 4 tiers of beadwork call on the numerological significance of the number 4, which is a grounding and construction number, one helpful to artists. The number 4 grounds the artist. In Christian mythology, the number 4 represents God's creations, and the creative powers of God. 4 is a number for nature: there are 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter; 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water; 4 directions of the earth, north, south, east, and west; and according to the Bible and Western civilization, 4 divisions of the day, morning, noon, evening, and midnight; and 4 rivers to cross to Paradise. In Hebrew traditions, 4 represents the four levels of the hierarchical organism of the Torah, and the four worlds of the Kabbalah. Interestingly, the number 4 has parallels in Eastern traditions: in Hinduism, 4 represents totality and creation, as Brahma, the Creator, is 4-faced. 4 is also significant in Islam, represented by the 4 parts of the Principle: Creator; Universal Spirit; Universal Soul; and primordial matter. In Pythagorean philosophy, 4 is perfection. This number, too, is significant to the artist, as it is symbolic of creation of her masterpiece.

The Blue Bella Muse dazzles in blue tones from the light sapphire AB-coated Austrian crystal rondelles. Although referred to as "Austrian crystals," these crystal beads are sourced from Germany. Austrian crystals are all man-made, and is essentially blown glass, specifically designed to maximize refraction; hence, the dazzle. Our crystals are AB coated, which is why the beads refract a rainbow spectrum.

This gemstone and crystals statement piece is also accented with synthetic lavendar cat's eye beads. Cat's eye beads are representative of strong determination, though keep in mind the cat's eye beads used here are synthetic. This 4-tiered necklace closes by a magnetic drum clasp, and is beaded with black Wildfire beading thread.

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