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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ICE AND STARLIGHT: Aqua Blue Crystals, Moonstone and Pearl Necklace

Ice and Starlight is a multi-textured crystals and gemstone statement piece. The necklace drapes in four tiers of blue, white, silver, and black, with silver beads and pearls braided at the ends. 21.5 inches of light sapphire Austrian crystals, moonstone, hematite, pearls, and black and silver fashion beads will give the wearer of this Ice and Starlight statement necklace an enchanting look.

The light sapphire Austrian crystals are AB-coated, which refract a rainbow spectrum, giving these crystals their dazzle. Although referred to as "Austrian crystals," these crystal beads are sourced from Germany. Austrian crystals are man-made, and are essentially blown glass.

Blue is the color of a traditionalist, and spirituality. Blue is considered sacred to many cultures and religions, and represents paradise. Blue is associated with the visuddha, or throat chakra, and thus wearing blue enhances spirituality, intuition, and clairvoyance.

The blue crystals are balanced out in color with the white, silver, and black. White symbolizes clarity, divinity, and the pure. Black is a grounding color. Silver and gray (the silver-tone fashion beads and hematite stones) represent intellect and knowledge. Combined together, the color scheme enhances the wearer's perceptions and both physical and spiritual senses. It is an especially protecting amulet when worn by a single woman for a night out. The Ice and Starlight necklace looks stunning with a little black dress and pumps.

The 4 tiers of beadwork call on the numerological significance of the number 4, which is a grounding and construction number, one helpful to artists. The number 4 grounds the artist. In Christian mythology, the number 4 represents God's creations, and the creative powers of God. 4 is a number for nature: there are 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter; 4 elements, earth, air, fire, and water; 4 directions of the earth, north, south, east, and west; and according to the Bible and Western civilization, 4 divisions of the day, morning, noon, evening, and midnight; and 4 rivers to cross to Paradise. In Hebrew traditions, 4 represents the four levels of the hierarchical organism of the Torah, and the four worlds of the Kabbalah. Interestingly, the number 4 has parallels in Eastern traditions: in Hinduism, 4 represents totality and creation, as Brahma, the Creator, is 4-faced. 4 is also significant in Islam, represented by the 4 parts of the Principle: Creator; Universal Spirit; Universal Soul; and primordial matter. In Pythagorean philosophy, 4 is perfection.

There are a total of 28 blue crystals while the pearls and moonstone beads appear in pods of 6. According to number theory, 6 and 28 being perfect numbers. The hematite stones, black fashion beads, and silver fashion beads appear in pods of 8 or 9, or multiples of 8 or 9. Per Eastern numerology, all things that come in 8 is considered to be extremely lucky, and the number 8 brings with it prosperity. The number 9 represents eternity.

The gemstones complementing the crystals are moonstone and hematite. Moonstone is thought to carry with it lunar energies that help ease stress and anxiety. White moonstone specifically helps with spiritual growth. While hematite stones facilitate emotional and physical strength, moonstone is for spiritual strength. Moonstone is also considered a traveler's stone, because it protects its wearer through travels and new ventures.

Hematite is not a gemstone as many believe, but an iron oxide mineral containing high iron content. The natural and chemical properties of hematite make it a strong grounding and protection stone. Hematite was traditionally known as a bloodstone, and used as an amulet to protect the circulatory system and regulate blood flow. Native American folklore held that hematite made one invincible in battle. This parallels Vedic astrological associations of hematite with the planet Mars, which channels courage, strength, and powerful energies. There is a total of 117 hematite stones in Ice and Starlight, set in pods of 9. Note also that 1+1+7 is 9, again to conjure the metaphysical properties of the number 9.

Overall, the message the Ice and Starlight crystals and gemstone necklace sends is one of enchantment. Closes by a silver-tone round toggle clasp and is beaded with black Wildfire beading thread.

Shop at Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/74230108/ice-and-starlight-aqua-blue-crystals

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