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Monday, May 16, 2011

GAIA BELOVED: Unakite and Moss Agate Mother's Necklace

Gaia Beloved is a gemstone necklace perfect for mothers, expecting mothers, or a woman who seeks harmony, balance, relief from stress, and closer familial relationships. The necklace comprises of 2 natural unakite stone medallions and 10 stones of green moss agate. Both unakite and green moss agate helps improve the heart chakra, which is associated with compassion, love, and harmony.

Agates are powerful stones that help foster love and abundance, with moss agate being the most powerful of the agates. Agates are used as calming agents, to help reduce stress and bring harmony and balance to its wearer. For centuries it has been used by midwives to help during the birthing process. Folk medicine held that placing agate stones in water for cooking and drinking helped dispel sickness. Agate is a semi-precious gemstone formed from silicon dioxide, and this particular moss agate is found in limestone and granite earthed from Mexico.

There are 10 stones of agate, with the number 10 representative of unification, harmony between dualities, harmony between the yin and the yang, and balance. 1 is said to symbolize man and 0 woman, so 10 together is the union of man and woman. 10 is also the Pythagorean symbol of the universe and thus it represents the whole body of human knowledge. The number 10 represents ordinal perfection. 10 is totality. Thus, the number 10 here reinforces the metaphysical balancing and harmonizing powers of the agate.

Unakite is a natural stone formed from quartz, feldspar and epidote. The lovely coral-pink hues come from the feldspar. Unakite is believed to be a connecting stone, to help bring entities or bodies together in harmony. It is considered a lucky stone for mothers of young children, pregnant women, or women who are expecting. Considering their properties, green moss agate and unakite make the perfect combination for a mother’s amulet. Also, unakite is believed to contain calming energies, and also helps in reducing stress and imbalances. There are 2 unakite stone medallions in the Gaia Beloved, symbolizing the relationship between mother and child, or interpersonal relationships generally.

The necklace is 32 inches in length and may be worn as a single strand or doubled into a choker. The magnetic drum clasp makes it easy to put on and off, or loop around for a double strand. Can also be worn as a bracelet. Since the ends close by magnetic clasp, you can wrap it around your wrist and the magnets will snap together. Incredibly easy to take on and off, and versatile; yet the magnetisim is very strong and secure.

9 synthetic matte amber beads accent each end of this necklace. Between the gemstones are antique style glass and fashion mixed beads in 3 strands, braided into a rope. Each section of braided beadwork contains 54 beads per strand, or 162 beads. All pods of mixed beads are in groups of 6, 9, or multiples of 6 and 9. The number 6 heightens love, balance, and harmony, and therefore heigtens the properties of the agate and unakite gemstones. 9 is an auspicious number per Chinese traditions, and the 9 and multiples of 9 here are meant to bring good luck and a long healthy life to both mother and baby. 9 is also another number for harmony per Western folklore.

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