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Ananda Koro is a gemstone jewelry designer and avid enthusiast of metaphysics philosophy. Koro has studied Vedic gemology, Taoism, feng shui, qigong, Renaissance necromancy, tarot, astrology, and other arts for over 16 years. She now brings together her knowledge and spiritual beliefs with her love of fashion to design a statement jewelry collection artfully tailored for today's modish and urbane woman. Shop for hand-crafted Ananda Koro gemstone jewelry at Ety: http://www.etsy.com/shop/anandakoro

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Introduction to a few stable gemstones in the Summer 2011 collection.

Sourcing the gemstone beads from around the world, Ananda Koro is hard at work on a new collection of statement necklaces. Above is a snapshot of some of the gemstones that just arrived: aventurine for wealth and prosperity (green); snowflake obsidian to induce clarity and avert negative energies (black and gray); agate for strength, a stone for the warrior women among us (beige); and coral for harmony (pink orange).

Combining the coral with the unakite medallions, which are also stones that induce calmness, will result in a piece that would make a great gift for a woman who is expecting, aiding her in finding center of gravity and connecting with the new baby. Such a necklace would also be a great stress reliever and is highly recommended for anyone who has been under a lot of pressure at work or school. Both the coral and unakite are calming agents, and attract stability and peace.

In contrast, red goldstone is all about energy! One of the center pieces of the upcoming collection will be a multistrand necklace of red goldstone, gold redstone, and smoky quartz and topaz Austrian crystals. The black onyx is a great stone for those who are starting out new ventures in their lives, seeking independence, or in the process of transformations. This stone eases those processes. Red goldstone invigorates the spirit and brings vitality to its wearer. The crystals magnify the powers of the red goldstone and black onyx. These gemstones will be combined with fashion and seed beads to create a stunning three-tiered stone treasure.

This year Austrian crystals will be introduced into the collection. Although referred to as "Austrian crystals," these crystal beads are sourced from Germany. Austrian crystals are all man-made, and is essentially blown glass, specifically designed to maximize refraction; hence, the dazzle. Our crystals are AB coated, which is why the beads refract a rainbow spectrum.

Check back frequently for more updates!

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